Better Match Prospects to Policies at the Right Price

Reimagine Insurance with AveriSana

Our mission is to help digital life and health insurance clients achieve breakthrough cost efficiencies and scale customer acquisition while enabling greater success for their shoppers.

Qualify Prospects for Insurability Earlier than Ever Before

What if you could not only know a prospect's intent, but also their eligibility right when the lead or application is generated? You would drive a step change in unit economics!

You can now use AveriSana's predictive intelligence to achieve

  • Higher conversion rates at every stage

  • Lower overall acquisition costs

  • Faster speed to policy

  • Scalability due to consistent performance gains

Predict Health Risk

For underwritten life and health insurance, we have a unique and proprietary ability to predict morbidity for leads and applicants in real-time.

Predict Eligibility and Conversion

We combine unique market insights and data on income, geography and products to target eligible customers at better conversion

AveriSana's Insurability Intelligence

We start with best-in-class data sources, extract the maximum information with our machine learning models, adapt it to our clients’ context using our deep industry knowledge, and help our clients make wise decisions at key points of leverage to drive success. This is what we call AveriSana Insurability Intelligence.

Insurability Scores

3 suites of predictive model scores for life and health insurance to reduce acquisition costs and enhance lifetime value. Suitable for use in marketing, sales, or just before underwriting.

Business Intelligence

Adapted or customized to client channels, insurance product set, and use case or workflow. Creates additional leverage on top of existing client optimization.

Where AveriSana Creates Value

We qualify lead inventory and insurance applications to maximize revenue monetization and policy generation. Whether through an integration with your existing CRM stack or within the top insurance marketplaces for click and data lead campaigns, our real time scores can be deployed for your use case!

Life and Health Insurance Markets

  • Final Expense and Senior Life Insurance

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Medicare Advantage

  • Dual Eligibles (D-SNPs)

  • Medicare Supplemental

  • Non-ACA Plans

Clients and Partners

  • Carriers: Fully Digital and Traditional

  • Agencies: Call Centers or Digital

  • Brokerage General Agencies

  • Insurance Marketplaces and Tech Platforms

  • Lead Providers