Our Mission

We seek to make life and health insurance much more efficient and productive for all. To us, this means making the right match between customer and product as early as possible in the acquisition funnel.  As a result, customers can get to their choice by the shortest route as quickly as possible.  Every ecosystem partner should win from the decisions that we enable through the funnel.

Our Team

AveriSana was founded by Sudhama Gopalan and Tue Pham after two decades of combined experience in transforming digital marketing, consumer financial services, health and life insurance.  Their unique blend of data science, technology and business management expertise is embedded in AveriSana’s turnkey decision science products – InsurabilityIQ, MedicareLTV, and InsurabilityEQ.  These solutions help agencies, advertisers, carriers, and distributors of life, medicare, and health insurance reduce sales and marketing waste while increasing lifetime value.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

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