Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how soon can I access Averisana scores?

Averisana scores are accessed via API call with a response time of 100 - 400ms.  Our scores are integrated into insurance marketplaces like MediaAlpha for immediate use. Direct API integration with your internal tech stack or CRM can be implemented within a day. 

What does Averisana need to generate a score?

Required data inputs for score generation are first and last name, dob, gender, and ZIP.  Street Address, City, State, and Phone number are good to have.  ZIP alone is sufficient for some MedicareLTV & U65Health scores.

So, what makes Averisana different from other competitors?

Our results make us stand apart since we help you realize gains incremental to your best in-house data science efforts.  These are turnkey solutions that enable decisions without trial and error.

Seriously, how does Averisana succeed where others fail?

We have been in your shoes for years and know the life and health insurance customer acquisition ecosystem from end to end.  This expertise gives us unique insights into where and how to create value. Our machine learning models built on best-in-class data sources are the cherry on the cake.

Where in my marketing and sales campaign would I use Averisana scores?

Depending on the decision you seek to make using Averisana scores (e.g., lead acquisition/ bidding /sale, or lead prioritization), you would incorporate them into your campaign hierarchy as close as possible to the decision point after the required data inputs are available.

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