Unique Solutions Tailored to Customer Context

We provide the most relevant health and eligibility insights, from disparate sources and dynamic models. 

These are distilled into an easily interpretable set of scores and flags and tuned to determine a specific sweet spot based on the product and operating model of the client.


Target shoppers for conversion into Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental products with high propensity for renewal among the dual-eligible (D-SNP), age-in and annual enrollment populations. 


Determine which leads are most likely to be insurable or a best fit for your products based on individualized health scores.


Predict misclassified insurance applications and anticipate presence of morbidities to make underwriting and case management more efficient.

Who Do We Serve

Insurance Marketers

We help brands, advertisers, and publishers acquire the right customer and optimize the customer journey whether that entails nurturing, routing, clicks, lead sale, or online fulfillment 

Carriers and Agencies

We help optimize distribution to match the right customer to the right solution early in the sales process to speed up and increase conversion to policies that persist longer due to the accuracy of the health risk prediction 

BGAs & Independent Agents

We help independent agents qualify their lead inventory, speed up the underwriting process, and eliminate unproductive case management effort by BGAs with our InsurabilityEQ solution

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